Monday, 22 March 2010

Major Features (ZOOM)

1. Versatile optical 26X zoom lens to accommodate a range of subjects
Within its compact, lightweight body, the PENTAX X90 features a high-magnification optical 26-times zoom lens offering a focal-length coverage between 26mm wide angle to 676mm super telephoto (in the 35mm format). Coupled with the 1cm Macro mode - which allows the photographer to capture dramatic close-up images of a subject from just one centimetre away - it offers quick, effortless shooting in a wide range of photographic situations.

You can find an interesting Pentax X90 zoom simulator belowe. Just click on the play button. When the simulator appears then you can control the camera with:

ON/OFF - 'o' key on the keyboard
ZOOM - 'w'/'s' key on the keyboard or Mouse wheel
PICTURE TAKEN - Click on the mouse

Pentax X90 test

Furthermore, it also provides the Intelligent Zoom function, which extends the zoom coverage to approximately 162.5 times (for a focal length of an astonishing 4225mm in the 35mm format) without compromising the optical performance of the zoom lens.

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